A curated collection of finest looms. 
Hi, I am Anwita. 
I am a saree lover, Hoarder and a Mom-preneur! 
Mulberry Trails is my journey towards finding and sharing exclusive collection of sarees with all saree lovers like you! 
I inherit this love for sarees from my Father. He would often travel for work and would buy gorgeous sarees for my mother.
This introduced me to various types of designs and I fell in love with this garment! I wish to introduce the same collection of beautiful sarees to young generation. Sometimes as it is or sometimes re-imagined! 
I believe every clothing that we own, should be unique and special. We spend our life in these garments and we associate happy moments with each special attire.
Don't you look at your graduation day saree and feel the same pride? or your wedding saree and feel the same jitters in your stomach? Don't you reminiscence about your days as a young mother, when you look at the saree you draped during your Baby shower or your kids Naming ceremony?  
The journey of a silkworm from cocoon to butterfly has been symbolically used across literature. A diversion through this is the captivating journey of producing silk sarees from a silkworm. The limitless possibilities of traditional Indian weaves and the hard work that weavers put into it, is similar to this journey. This variety and hard work has inspired me into starting this venture. My aim to find the best of India and get those for you!

The love for sarees has transcended generations in India and our love for the traditional Indian weaves has compelled me to bring you various collections of sarees from across the states of India. Let me know what do you think about it and what would you like us to bring for you.